Grand Opening of Maggie Q Online

Written by Alexa on January 24 2011

After months of hard work, we’re finally able to share our hard work with you guys! We’ve been working hard on the site since early November so it is of course very satisfying and exciting for both Hilary and myself. For now Maggie Q Online consists of a main news page, information pages and a gallery with over 9,000 images. We hope to expand our network in the near future to ensure that everything you could ever wish for as a Maggie fan can be found right here on the site. That includes video streaming, graphics and more.

Right now, the main site content is around 90% complete and we’ll be working hard within the next couple of days to ensure that everything is completed to a high quality. So enjoy the site and be sure to spread the word. We’re also looking for affiliates so be sure to apply if you have a site of your own. Thanks for visiting!

2 Comments to "Grand Opening of Maggie Q Online"

  1. Ducky says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for doing all of this. In fact, I’ve been talking about how I hope that someone would open a Maggie Q fansite because I know there is one, but it’s not really organized or updated.

    After I got into Nikita, I looked her up on YouTube and was like: OK, this woman is not just gorgeous, she also seems like an AMAZING person!

  2. mikitaddict says:

    finally a real fansite abt maggie Q!!!!!!!!!!! I FLOVE IT <3

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