Maggie Q Reveals Dream Guest Star

Written by Alexa on February 17 2011

We here at Zap2it like to think of The CW’s “Nikita” as TV’s version of “Harry Potter.” Wait! Before you call us crazy, just hear us out. Nikita is Harry. Percy is Lord Voldemort (Hence, our nickname, VoldePercy). Percy has seven black boxes all over the world that contain information on all of Division’s cases. How many horcruxes did Lord Voldemort split — spoiler alert! — his soul into? Seven. Now Nikita, like Harry, is on a mission to destroy all the black boxes to take down Percy. Please, hold your applause.

The black boxes (and their guardians — Division members assigned to guard them) were one of the topics we were most excited to talk about with Maggie Q. It turns out, she’s just as intrigued by the black box storyline as we are.

“What’s cool about it is we don’t know where they are. We’re finding out city by city where they belong,” Maggie says. “Then there’s sort of the thing of like when you do get them there is a temptation as well in terms of the boxes.”

So far, Nikita has destroyed one box and didn’t feel any temptation to find out what secrets it held. Maggie teases Nikita might not handle the rest the same way. “Nikita destroyed the first one, but is she going to be able to keep going, ‘Well let’s just get rid of it,’ or does she want to know like what the secrets are. We’re going to deal with that a little bit.”

A discussion about the black boxes naturally lead to one about its guardians. Maggie revealed that we can expect to meet more guardians this season and is hoping the show can rope in some cool guest stars to play them.

When we asked who her dream guardian guest star would be, Maggie didn’t even have to think before answering: Ving Rhames, her “Mission Impossible 3” co-star.

“I’m going to email Ving Rhames and ask him like, ‘Dude, I want you to come on and just be like the biggest, scariest black dude ever who nobody would ever mess with,” she says with a laugh. “Can you imagine how cool that would be?! I love Ving and we’ve done a couple of movies together so I’m going to beg him.”

While Maggie works on that, fans can expect to see the return of Devon Sawa’s Owen, the rogue guardian, in episode 18. The Twitter-happy actor has been tweeting all throughout his work week on the show. Our favorite? His tweet to Shane West: “I’m happy we got to do a scene together.” Michael and Owen showdown? Yes, please!

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