Maggie Covers Emmy Magazine

Written by Alexa on April 01 2011

I’ve added some gorgeous new photos of Maggie for her feature in the latest issue of Emmy magazine. You can pick up your copy from April 5th, we’ll be adding scans as soon as we can. Enjoy!

On why she goes by Maggie Q:
“People [in Asia] couldn’t pronounce my last name because it was too Irish. So the Apple Daily, the biggest newspaper in China, printed a story and referred to me as Maggie Q. Every other newspaper and magazine followed, and that was it.”

On learning that she’s the highest profile Asian actress to star in a broadcast drama series:
“It was a mixed moment of ‘Wow! What? How come this hasn’t happened yet?’ But what really thrills me is that it’s going to be exciting for other people, for everyone after me. Once it was said, ‘They aren’t hiring minorities in this capacity.’ Guess what? Now they are.”

On considering Nikita to be a first-rate action show:
“I think we’ve evolved in the genre since Buffy and Alias. I remember seeing bad wigs on doubles. Then they cut to a closeup, then there’s a wide shot and you know the actress is not doing it. When I fight, you’re right there in our faces, very Bourne. You expect that from that caliber [of film], so why wouldn’t you expect it on TV?”

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