Birthday Project: Messages for Maggie

Written by Alexa on May 16 2011

As most of you will know, Maggie’s birthday is fast approaching and as a little spur of the moment ‘birthday project’, I thought it would be a nice idea for you guys to share your messages for her via the site. The wonderful Michael & Nikita site has already lined up an awesome fan project that will allow you to share your birthday messages via photo signs, so if you haven’t already, be sure to send yours in!

My idea is for you guys to send me your messages for Maggie, perhaps simply wishing her a Happy Birthday or maybe sharing a few words about what makes her so incredibly awesome to you. This will be difficult but we’ll stick to a word limit of 200 words. Please include your name (or online screename) and your location – these will be displayed along with your message and the birthday page will then be tweeted to Maggie to read. I’ll be keeping you guys updated during the week regarding the project. Please email your entries to @maggieqonline – thanks everyone!

3 Comments to "Birthday Project: Messages for Maggie"

  1. Chris Casey says:

    Happiest of happy birthdays to the fabulously talented and all-around wonderful Ms. Maggie Q! May you have many, many more happier and happier birthdays ahead! Viva Maggie!

  2. Katie Thomas says:

    Dear Maggie,
    HUGE fan of yours and would just like to shout out to you with a little message for your birthday.. :)
    hope you have a fabulous birthday with many wishes that come true!! You are a truly talented woman, kick-ass and a natural beauty!!

    Nikita & Preist are awesome creations!! Hope Nikita makes it to season two!! Have the best birthday ever!! and give your cute little doggies my love <3

    Much love Maggie
    Katie, United Kingdom, Liverpool xXx

  3. Samantha says:

    First off i just have to say that i am a huge fan of yours. Not only are you a super talented kick-ass actress but your also a true inspiration and natural beauty inside and out. Your a fantastic role model to myself and many others from around the world and make me proud to be vegan. Your one of a kind Miss Maggie and i wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope God blesses you with a special birthday to remember as you truly deserve it. Much love, Sam – United Kingdom

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