Maggie Q Shares The 411 on ‘Nikita’ Season Two

Written by Alexa on July 26 2011

When the second season of Nikita premieres this fall, there will be a slight change in our headstrong heroine, who is no longer on her quest to destroy Division on her own. She will have Michael (Shane West) by her side.

At Comic-Con, we talked to Maggie Q, who plays la femme Nikita, to find out what we have to look forward to for the new season.

How do things start for Nikita in season two and where is she headed?

Maggie Q: We are going to open with the lone Nikita. I don`t think you will know where she is going or what is happening. She is going to enter a world you wouldn`t expect. Then, I think you will be misdirected a little bit [smiles]. Her journey is going to be huge this season. This is going to be the season to unveil who she really is, how she got where she is, and why she is the way she is.

When we find out why she is the way she is will we see more flashbacks?

Maggie Q: Yes. That is something that was decided when we were birthing Nikita in the Warner Bros. office. We wanted to tell the story somewhat in flashback because there are so many characters and we wanted to interweave them. We also wanted to save story for later. We want to divulge things slowly.

How would you say Nikita`s motivations have changed if at all?

Maggie Q: That is an awesome question because she has. We see Nikita hell bent in season one. There were things that she was adamant about — a cause that she was willing to die for basically. Now, we have introduced this other dynamic of a person that she loves, so now you are going to see a little bit of a role reversal. Michael is now hell bent on their mission and she is a little, “What about being a couple, being normal, and living on an island?” — sort of wanting to be loved, wanting to be safe, and wanting to be cared for — experiencing a life she has never experienced yet. So we are going to see her as more of a woman wanting things that normal women want. I don`t know if that is ever going to be possible for her, but we are going to see that need in her.

In one of the early episode we saw a younger Nikita. What was it like to play that Nikita?

Maggie Q: It is fun. It is fun to let go, but it is hard because you have to play an innocence that you may or may not have personally. I really enjoy that kind of stuff.

What do you look forward to exploring about Nikita?

Maggie Q: My thing with her has always been: You can take any girl off the street that fits the profile that Division wants, you can train her and you can do all the things that make her who she is, but I have always wondered from the beginning why Nikita is the best. Why did she make it through the way she did? Why is she such a threat? Why is she so good? It is bizarre because while it is the thing she hates the most, it is the thing she does best. It is the thing that defines her. So that is the cross she has to bear. But it is a big question mark with me: She was just some normal woman? Really?

The second season of Nikita premieres on its new night on Friday, September 23 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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