Nikita Season Two Premiere: 8 Must-See Moments

Written by Alexa on September 23 2011

Having gone on a bit of a Nikita scoopfest in recent weeks, TVLine has decided to keep things simple in this Season 2 preview: Just a few fun facts and must-see moments from Friday’s premiere (8/7c, The CW).

Some are silly (Michael’s new ‘do) and some game-changing (an extremely unfortunate shootout), but if it’s a scene you shouldn’t miss, you can bet it’s included on our rundown.

Mikita Meltdown – There’s a breakup in the first five minutes — gasp! — but don’t fret. It’s possible it’s all just a ruse while Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) are on an undercover mission…

Alex’s New Frenemy – Oversight’s new agent Sean Pierce (played by Dillon Casey) makes a terrible first impression on, well, everyone. Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Amanda (Melinda Clarke) are particularly peeved by the “rules man,” who makes it clear that he’s only around to reclaim the black boxes from Nikita by any means necessary. It’s hard to like the newbie at first, but Casey’s rugged good looks do help. Plus, his introductory scene allows the audience to see just how self-sufficient Alex has become.

A Betrayal Foreshadowed? – In an early scene, Amanda offers these creepy words of comfort to Alex when the subject of obtaining her birthright arises: “Don’t worry, Alex, I keep my promises.” And just like that, all hope that Division’s HBIC will actually come through for Nikita’s former protege is lost.

“Unfortunate” Turn of Events – That was Craig Silverstein’s word choice when describing the premiere episode’s Alex/Nikita showdown, not ours. But the sad fact is, it fits the situation perfectly. You should know that Nikita does everything in her power to prevent the fight from escalating as horrendously as it does, but Alex is a hot-headed mess and won’t have it. This moment will define a large portion of the season.

Best Entrance Ever – Sorry, Mikita fans: Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) is far and away the best thing about the Season 2 opener. He’s new, improved, and for everyone who’s been dying to see him out and about (and kicking ass!), you will not be disappointed. His first appearance in the episode is the funniest thing to date on Nikita.

Best Hack-Job Ever – We’ve got to hand it to Birkhoff (and the Nikita writing team) again. There’s a moment where the reformed computer geek will interface with the folks of Division, and once again, the mood is lightened with humor — something Silverstein tells us will be much more prevalent in the coming year.

Division’s X-Man – Percy (Xander Berekely) is busy channeling his inner Magneto in a glass prison, but that doesn’t mean he’s MIA. One of the episode’s most poignant moments features a chilling conversation between the prisoner and Alex.

Well-Coiffed Man – This one is strictly fluff, but since Shane West’s longer hair has been the subject of much Twitter fodder, I felt it necessary to include: During one of the premiere’s big fight sequences, Michael actually takes a moment to fix some of his locks that have fallen out of place. It’s equal parts adorable and absurd, and I think every Nikita fan will love it. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Source: TVLine

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