Shane West Teases New ‘Mikita’ Moments

Written by Alexa on February 03 2012

Let’s get this out of the way first: like most episodes of “Nikita,” tonight’s (Feb. 3) episode features a pretty intense fight scene. But according to star Shane West, who plays former Division agent Michael, it’s one of the coolest battles they’ve had yet.

“There’s a huge firefight that’s about to happen — me, Nikita, Sean trying to rescue Sean’s mother,” West tells Zap2it. “That’s probably one of the craziest shooting battles we’ve had on the show so far.”

But that’s not the only spoiler the actor spilled when we caught up with him after the Badass Boys of The CW panel in January — West also dished that there’s a steamy hookup about to happen on the show that you’ll never see coming. “[There’s] a massive relationship and sex scene from two different characters that I can’t even mention that no one would ever think about, either, which is great.”

If you’re trying to figure out the culprits, this may help: The pair has not hooked up on the show ever. “Apparently in the past, yes, but not that we would know,” West says, but refuses to spill any more details.

Forget those new characters, what about Mikita? West says that there could be more cuddly moments coming up for the two characters — but maybe not.

“It’s hard to say! Right now the characters are on a bit of a break, and the focus is not to bring them back together yet,” he explains. “There’s so many crazy things that are actually happening right now that are bigger than that, so there are key moments that are very small, but that’s kind of fun. Whether it’s a look or a hug or something like that, there’ll be some of those things, but nothing that resonated too much in my mind so far. There is a hug towards the end of the next two episodes that I think was pretty sweet that I think people will like, but they’ve got to build on the present right now before they can look into the future.”

Right now, West says, Michael and Nikita are simply just trying to outwit their enemies. “Instead of us versus them, it’s us versus three sets of them now and it’s out of control. Everyone’s life is on the line at this point,” he says. “I think by the end of the year, we’ll get to some sort of build for the potential Mikita future.”

Besides, there’s that whole Michael having a son thing to contend with. West says we haven’t seen the last of the little guy — we will see some closure for that storyline. “I think there should to be one more episode this year with Cassandra and Max,” West says. “I think the point will be, what I’ve been told, is some sort of resolution for Michael. Apparently he’s going to help them out through whatever situation it may be, [and the characters will go] into a witness protection-type program where they’re not always involved but they can be written back into episodes in the future if needed.”

What else can we look forward to? Well, more fight scenes, of course! When asked about the most badass thing he’s gotten to do, West can’t pick just one moment. “Fill in the blank! It’s like a Mad Libs. Everything. I think I’ve gotten to fire every weapon known to man. Action scenes with Maggie [Q]. Action scenes with Devon [Sawa]. Being Mr. Cool and Calm and Collected in Suits last year walking around Division, ordering people around. It’s just one badass moment after another!”

West also says that he really enjoys acting alongside Maggie Q. “I’m 33, so I was 31 when it started. Being that young, playing someone that was supposed to be older — supposed to be in their 40s, probably — that’s unique. To be able to play opposite Maggie, who’s so good at what she does — her basically being the same age as me, how Hollywood works is that Michael should be dating Alex, Lyndsy [Fonseca]’s character. Being able to not do that, go against norm — I always love if it’s against the norm. I love that.”

Looking past Season 2, West says he’s hoping the show sticks around for at least another season or two.

“We have such a great fanbase that it would be a tragedy if this didn’t continue,” West says. “We’re hoping that it will. I do know for a fact that the creators I think have already blocked out Season 3. Coming into Season 1, they had Season 1, 2 basically written and 3 blocked out. The problem is, in this day and age you would like to know if you’re coming back or if you’re not by the end of the year so you can write it in there. And hopefully they don’t leave us with egg on our face so we can find a way to wrap this up — or continue it for another eight years!”

Source: Zap2it

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