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Written by Alexa on March 17 2012

If you think you’re the only one waiting for Nikita to return to the small screen, star Maggie Q’s got your back.

“I still remember those breaks when I was a kid, shows I used to watch, I remember getting excited and then seeing a rerun and going, ‘What?!’ I know exactly how you feel,” the actress told The Hollywood Reporter.

Q chatted with THR about tonight’s episode, Nikita’s quest to right some wrongs and the complications that arise when Cassandra comes back into the fray.

The Hollywood Reporter: This week’s episode is a big one, with Amanda turning to Nikita for some help. What can you tease for what viewers can expect there?

Maggie Q: Amanda has something pretty valuable that Nikita wants or would like and she understands making a phone call to Nikita about something she does have the upper hand, which is why she’s making the call. Nikita being the emotional creature that she is, she knows that this is going to put a hook in her and she’s going to get her attention. And she does. The rest of the episode is going to unravel and ensue a sort of heightened chess game between Amanda, Percy and Nikita – and what they all want from each other. There’s going to be some gain and some loss in this episode. It’s a big episode and a really emotional one as well.

THR: Loss? Can it be assumed that someone doesn’t survive?

Q: Yea, yea. It means that someone may not survive. [Laughs]

THR: How far will she go to get Ryan back?

Q: I really think she’d do anything. The reason why Ryan’s in the predicament that he is, is her. Everything that’s done to him, the position she’s put him in, obviously she goes to people and convinces them to do the right thing and they follow her lead but the reality is, had she not come to him and enlisted him in her little army, he would not be in a federal prison for the rest of his life. He wouldn’t even be involved in this. She does owe her life to him in a big way and she does owe him his life back, more importantly. Yes, you’re absolutely right, Nikita will go to any lengths to give that to him because he sacrificed so much for her.

THR: Does Nikita ultimately succeed or is it something that requires some sacrifice?

Q: She’s going to have some success but I think the reality of her success with him is going to be seen over time.

THR: You mentioned earlier this chess game between Amanda, Percy and Nikita that has been going on all series long. At the end of the day, who ultimately has the upper hand if it comes down to the final battle?

Q: The most resourceful person is Percy. This is his baby and his creation and given even a moment of an upper hand, I think Percy would take it and run with it for sure. It would be his and he would be in control. Mind you, one of the big flaws is his own vanity and his own ego and his own perception of greatness about himself and the things that he does and creates. That’s a huge thorn that he’s put in his own side. Amanda has this female version of that going on. She in the same way is incredibly selfish and vain and wants the glory. Nikita obviously doesn’t have the resources that they do. She doesn’t have the money that they do and she doesn’t have the contacts that they do but the passion is there. It becomes a weird fair fight between all these three flawed people who want things for different reasons. In the end end, I think the person who wants it the most is Nikita. The person who wants an end to this is Nikita. I’m rooting for her. [Laughs] We’ll see.

THR: In next week’s episode, Michael discovers a secret that Cassandra’s keeping. What can you tease about that?

Q: It’s this reoccurring problem that will not wait for Nikita and Michael and it seems to get worse with time. Cassandra has never told the truth about who she is and we will now learn the final big lie that she’s been keeping from them. And you’re right, they do confront her, because this does mean something big because of who she is. And really the episode for Michael, because he’s going to have to make a big decision about the truth. Can Cassandra and the boy ever be a part of his existence. And that’s a decision he’s going to have to make.

THR: What can you say about where Michael and Nikita are and where they’re headed?

Q: I think they are on a bit of a break. In my eyes, they can never be a couple because they have to [something] everyday. They have to see each other and this fight goes deeper. I don’t think they can be together unless they go to different sides. What’s important is that they both have their eye on the prize. Their attitude is that they both want to end this. Without all these problems, they can actually be together and have a real relationship. What’s going to happen, we don’t know, but there have been so many things that have happened between them, that are hard to fit and neither of them are talking about it. In the next few episodes, you’ll see Nikita get into all the things they’ve gone through that they’ve swept under the rug and that will determine where they go from here.

THR: Do you think a person like Nikita thrives from this drama, the Division? Would she be a different person if she had never gone into Division?

Q: There’s something to be said about someone who can handle this [life] and be in this world and be at this level. There is something about it that isn’t normal. At the same time, it’s very grey. You can do one thing and in your mind, you can perceive and think it’s the right thing. The domino effect it has might not be as [simple] as you would think. The mess starts to get bigger, and that’s what Nikita has run into, not so much that she can’t wait for another problem to happen but it just keeps happening. There has to be a bigger way and solution to bring a lot of these problems together and get them under control and contain them. That’s what we’re working towards.

THR: Do you have any ideas about how the season’s going to end? Did they give you hints to what that might entail?

Q: I know how the season’s going to end. At the end of season 2, a chapter has to close. There are so many things at risk and so many people involved with this game. At some point, and before a reaper happens, there has to be a loss. Like a said, a chapter has to close so that another can be opened. Definitely going to happen at the end of season 2.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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