Maggie dishes on ‘Mikita’ and why Season Three needs to happen

Written by Alexa on March 24 2012

After last-week’s shocking twist, Nikita is all-new tonight with a heart-pumping, nail-biting, inhaler-inducing episode that is sure to keep you glued to your couch. We chatted with the coolest-chick we know, Maggie Q, about tonight’s action-packed episode and Mikita’s current “yucky” relationship.

Plus, find more on the “new chapter” of Nikita and why Maggie says it’ll “suck for the fans” if season three never happens…

“What I love about this show is that they don’t ever end with a group hug and high fives,” Maggie Q tells us with a laugh.

With that said, don’t expect tonight’s episode “Arising” to be any different. After last week’s mind-blowing reveal that Cassandra (Helen Mattsson) is actually a Gogol assassin determined to take out Semak, Nikita and Michael (Shane West) are off to Moscow to confront the beezy. Road Trip!

Tonight we’re going to (finally!) get a lot more Mikita interaction that will help us define their shoulda-coulda relationship. “They’re kind of in this yucky limbo state,” Maggie explains. “They are not together or apart, they’re sort of like coexisting in the present moment.” But just as with any relationship, Maggie emphasizes that communication is key: “What’s happening with them and what happens to a lot of couples is that they’re not talking about it. Nobody really wants to face the emotion because I don’t think there’s any real solution to it.” Relationship advice from Maggie Q? Yes, please!

But fans will be happy to know that tonight’s episode will force the CW’s most kick-ass couple to finally address their issues. “Michael and Nikita come to a place where they’re looking at each other with some understanding again and that is going to be the launching point for hopefully a closeness in the future.”

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And speaking of the future, grab your torch and pitchfork! It’s time to rally for a third season because Maggie Q warns that ya’ll are going to be mighty pissed if the story stops for good in May. “Yeah, it will suck for the fans. Because you’re going to see something very big happen at the end of the second season.” Maggie explains, “You’re going to see Nikita step into a different position and then you’re going to go, ‘Oh my God! I want to see how that plays out!’ and if it doesn’t, then yeah, that’s going to suck.”

If (more preferably: When) the show returns for a season three, Maggie teases that Nikita is going to be a “whole different” woman. “It’s going to be a very new chapter for Nikita and I still haven’t wrapped my head around the way to play the season-three Nikita.” She continues, “We’re certainly going to set the characters up to go in a different direction in the third season, but we are going to go out with a huge bang.” Better start organizing those Twitter bombs Nikita-lovers…

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