Nikita Preview Event in Tokyo

Written by Alexa on June 30 2012

I’ve added in some high-resolution photos of Maggie appearing in Tokyo to celebrate the premiere of Nikita Season Two in Japan. These are a couple days old so I apologize for the delay getting them up.

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  1. Bella says:


    I recently had the misfortune to read an article in where you made some rather negative remarks(and used an expletive or two)about the original beautiful,fantastic,groundbreaking and multi-award winning series La Femme Nikita. I am a diehard devotee,along with millions around the world, off this superb show.

    While I understand your need to make your own mark with the character of Nikita, so iconically and brilliantly portrayed and brought to life by the magnificent and stunningly beautiful and talented Peta Wilson in the original series,and promote the current poor imitation on the CW,I am disappointed,perplexed and offended by your disrespectful and dismissive comments about her and the original show and cast at large.

    It has been well documented both in print and online that the chemistry between Ms.Wilson and the remarkable,stunningly brilliant,gorgeous,phenomenon of talent and total perfection,miraculous Mr. Roy Dupuis was a once in a lifetime experience to behold. In fact one of their co-stars refered to Roy and Peta’s acting together as ” wonderful music”.

    I was always under the impression that actors in Hollywood and around the world had an unwritten code by which they lived and that was that when interviewed about a fellow cast mate or colleague that they would never say anything overtly negative about that person and maintain a level of professional curtesy and respect. It seems you did not get that “memo”. Make no mistake about it..La Femme Nikita had the best cast/costumes/music/set design/writers/directors/producers of any show of it’s kind before or since it aired. I have nothing against your cast & crew but I do have a huge bone to pick with the writers & producers, who obviously have no original ideas of their own,who so blatantly and churlishly attempted to copy a masterpiece for their own ill gotten gains. They are no better then two-bit forgers who make counterfeit money.

    If you doubt any of my statements,with all due respect,invite you to check out every single social medial out there and youtube where you will find countless examples of the millions of LFN fans who to this day live and breathe that incredible show.

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