Maggie Q Talks Mikita and a Rough Ride for ‘Nikita’

Written by Marica on January 29 2013

What’s happening between ‘Nikita‘ and Michael? TV Guide’s got the news on the engaged couple from Maggie Q and the couple’s upcoming rough patch- (in addition to constantly fighting for their lives).

Nikita’s engaged couple is about to hit a very rough patch.

On the winter premiere, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) tracked down Amanda (Melinda Clarke) and her cohort Anne (Sarah Allen), leading to an intense car pursuit and shootout. When Michael’s car flipped and pinned his hand underneath it, Nikita did the only thing she could to save him from getting caught in the impending explosion  — chop his hand off. The fallout from that trauma will test the couple over the coming weeks.

“After last week’s episode things are going to change between Michael and Nikita and start to get really hard for them again, so people need to get ready for a rougher ride emotionally,” Q tells “When people go through tragic circumstances it’s not that there is no love there, but it’s so hard to deal with and sometimes the gap starts to happen. I know Nikita is really trying and she really loves him and they’ve gone through so much to be together, so it’s going to be a little bit on Michael when we start to see the problems emerge.”

Another obstacle in the pair’s way, at least in Michael’s eyes, is the return of former Division cleaner Owen (Devon Sawa). On Friday’s episode (8/7c, The CW), Owen begins to deal with his life pre-Division. “We start to touch on Owen’s challenges, what he doesn’t know about his past and how Division and Amanda are directly linked to that,” Q says.

While Nikita is happy to have her friend back, Michael isn’t so keen on it.

“Michael has always had a thing when Owen is around because there is a clear friendship between Nikita and Owen, and he’s obviously a good-looking guy and formidable and skilled,” Q says. “It’s funny. Michael just has a distaste for him. In Michael’s world, Owen would take the chance with Nikita given the opportunity, and so he’s always guarded against that.”

If Michael and Nikita can move past their hurdles, will they actually get married? Q hopes not!

“I jokingly said on Jimmy Fallon, ‘If there are any weddings or babies on this show, I’m done.’ This is not a soap opera. The show has to pace and it really can’t dip when it comes to the suspense and thriller part. I want people to be happy, but these are very complicated people and their circumstances are changing all the time and that to me is exciting and fulfilling.”

Do you want to see Michael and Nikita actually walk down the aisle? Do you think Owen is an actual threat to “Mikita’s” happiness?

Find out when a new episode of Nikita airs this Friday 8/7c on The CW!

Source: TV Guide

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