E! Online’s Review for ‘Stalker’

Written by Jasper on September 04 2014

E! Online has shared their honest (and promising) thoughts about Stalker! Who’s even more excited about the show now?

Kristin: Scary as hell and I quite honestly cannot imagine I’ll be watching this every week, unless CBS is providing free counseling. I love Kevin Williamson. But I love nightmare-free sleep. But I love Kevin Williamson. But I hate nightmares. But I love Maggie Q. And she is so dang fierce on this show. Damnit, even thinking about this show is going to send me into therapy! I’m sure I’ll end up watching. It’s the kind of thing you hate yourself for doing, but you cannot stop. Like eating the rest of your child’s birthday cake. Out of the trash. Outside. (I’ve never done that.)

Tierney: Excuse me while I never sleep with the lights off again. (Sorry roommates, our electric bill is going up!) But seriously, Stalker was downright chilling…in a good way. And Maggie Q once again proves why she’s the most badass (and underrated) woman on TV. Still, I can’t help but worry Stalker may go off the rails (and not in a good way), similar to the Following following (See what I did there?) and its stellar pilot.

Chris: Give it up for Maggie Q, everybody. Don’t watch with the lights off. The show isn’t perfect—the Dylan McDermott “twist” is all kinds of predictable—but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Sydney: I was a huuuuuge fan of Nikita, and Stalker features Maggie Q at her absolute badass-iest. Of course, this is going to be a show I record and watch the next day with all the lights on because OMG this is the stuff of nightmares. Realistic, that-could-totally-happen-to-you nightmares. If you can’t handle the creep factor of the pilot, then bail out now because it’s only going to get way more intense as the season goes forward.

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