Birthday Messages

Maggie, where can I start? Firstly have an awesome day, filled with happiness, laughter and maybe even some lovin! I admire your talent, charisma, your selfless work for animal rights and the undeniable presence that you bring to the screen in every role. You’re a beautiful person inside and out and you’ve stayed true to yourself despite success, that’s a rare quality and one that makes me love you all the more. Long may you continue to bless us with your talent and charm. Enjoy everything on this special day! – Alexa, Florida

Happiest of happy birthdays to the fabulously talented and all-around wonderful Ms. Maggie Q! May you have many, many more happier and happier birthdays ahead! Viva Maggie! – Chris, Oklahoma

Happy Birthday beautiful Maggie Q! You’re the epitomy of beauty and talent! Hope you have the best birthday and have fun! You deserve it, you’re such a hardworking person and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! – Naudia, Los Angeles

Dear Maggie, what an inspirational woman both beautiful inside and out! I hope you have a truly amazing birthday, you deserve it! – Lauren, UK

Happy Birthday Maggie! Thanks for everything that you do to bring us the incredibly awesome show, Nikita amongst other things! Just wanted you to know that as a fan, I really appreciate it and I will always support you! I can’t wait for you to come back to Asia soon so that i may get a chance to meet you in person! Here’s wishing you an amazing birthday and many more awesome seasons of Nikita to come! – Mengxin, Singapore

Dearest Lovey Dovey Uber-Amazing-Magnificion-Maggie-Beautiful-Q
Be happy on this day,
May you find love someday,
But on this very special day,
Happy Birthday! Is all wanna say – Zahira, Brunei

Happy Birthday! Your such a great inspiration and model to all of us. Never stop. We love you all so much. I hope your day will be loaded with love. Have a wonderful one – Quishy

First off i just have to say that i am a huge fan of yours. Not only are you a super talented kick-ass actress but your also a true inspiration and natural beauty inside and out. Your a fantastic role model to myself and many others from around the world and make me proud to be vegan. Your one of a kind Miss Maggie and i wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope God blesses you with a special birthday to remember as you truly deserve it. Much love – Sam, United Kingdom

Dear Maggie, HUGE fan of yours and would just like to shout out to you with a little message for your birthday. Hope you have a fabulous birthday with many wishes that come true!! You are a truly talented woman, kick-ass and a natural beauty!! Nikita & Preist are awesome creations!! Hope Nikita makes it to season two!! Have the best birthday ever!! and give your cute little doggies my love <3 Much love Maggie - Katie, United Kingdom

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!!!! I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you for inspiring me with all your hard work, energy and generosity. Congrats on everything. Much love – Bonita, Australia

Dear Maggie, I am sending my sincerest BIRTHDAY wishes to you on this special day! Your birthday shall be wonderful – full of laughter, joy and love! I hope you can share it with those closest to you, the ones who make you feel happy, beautiful and complete. May all the kindness and love that you have shared with the world be reflected back to you, then you can see how truly amazing you are! I wish that all the things you do will give you ever renewing strength and joy! Always “see the world in the grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour” HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Much love! xoxo – Liis, Estonia

Happy Birthday Maggie Q. Wish u all d best. Thanks for being so inspirational. Hope u can be more succesful in the future, known better in Hollywood & Asia. I’ve been watching u since you were in Hong Kong n I’ve got to say i love your movies. FYI, I’m trying to go vegetarian. Hope I could become a vegetarian one day, n if I could.. it’ll be mostly thanks to u for inspiring me. Once again, Happy Birthday!! Keep up the good work saving our planet, standing up for animals, n KICKING-ASS!! – Calista, Singapore

happy birthday maggie have a great day. xoxoxo – Larry

Dear Maggie, Happy birthday! You are not only an amazing actress but a huge inspiration to me. You make incredible movies and kick a lot of ass on Nikita. I wish you all the best and hope that you enjoy your birthday to the fullest! A huge fan of yours – Lucy

Maggie first of all a happy birthday!! You are so nice and always send us b-day wishes and now it’s our turn! I have to thank you for for being so kind and good to us! Maggie seriously you are an amazing human being, you inspire us into being better persons plus you have half of your twitter followers doing yoga and trying to stop eating meat… I did and I’m so proud! It’s disgusting and cruel… And I really have to thank you for that! I think you are amazing! You are so nice and your laugh makes me smile haha. You are an example of how should people be! I know you are mine.. we are so proud of you and all what you are doing! I hope I can make a difference some day… So I Hope you have an incredible day surrounded by all your loved ones, because I strongly believe that nice people always get what they deserve and you are an angel, so you deserve the best! Hugs! Love you and wish you the best – Martina, Argentina

Maggie I thank you for giving the woman empowerment with the show! you always trying to do what is best for humanity both on-screen and off and you are my ultimate role-model. I admire you very much and hope to meet you some day. Have a happy, happy day with laughter and fun and many good times! – Gita, Bali

Happy Birthday Maggie, you are so inspirational and such an amazing role model, i hope you have the best day!! – Crystal, Australia

Whatta gem you are Ms Maggie! have been following your career since naked weapon and you have most certainly made a huge name for yourself, along with many of your fans from around the globe i consider myself proud to support you. Hoping your special day is full of wonderful memories, be sure to let us know how it went – Jess, New Zealand

Happy Birthday Maggie!! Wish you all the best!! You’re simply an amazing human being!! Keep being an inspiration to your fans! – “Never underestimate what a simple gesture can do. It is the little things you do that make a big difference in other people’s lives.” (Catherine Pulsifer) – Tania & Joana, Portugal

I’m from Brazil but I love Nikita so much and you have no idea how much, and in this day one of the most important in my life, by the way, I just have to say two things: Happy Birthday and thank you for being real in my life, thank you for being Nikita, thank you for being this woman that you are, and even that I don’t know you, I’m sure like the air I breathe that you deserve whole the happiness in the world and wouldn’t be enough whole the words in the world to describe what I feel about you, what I feel about Nikita – Tania Maria, Brazil

Happy Birthday Maggie! You are so sweet, funny, caring, nice, beautiful and so much more. You inspire me so much and I hope I can make a difference one day in the world too. You are so amazing on Nikita, I am completely obsessed as much as I am with Mikita! You are the best person ever, I hope you live long & enjoy your life, you deserve the best! I hope you get this and read this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER, I LOVE YOU – Myriam

Hi Maggie! Wanting to wish you a Happy Birthday and tell you that you are truly a wonderful inspiration to your fans. Your commitment to the work you do and your love for animals is remarkable! I’m so proud to be a fan of yours, not only because you are unbelievably amazing, but also because your passion and compassion have been so inspirational that it has clearly infuenced your fanbase; they are some of the sweetest and most caring people I’ve met and it makes me so incredibly happy to swoon over you in their company. I also want to say that is beyond amazing to finally see an Asian American as a lead on American television! Especially in a non stereotypical role and one that is so freakin badass! It’s so incredible and inspirational to see where your hard work and dedication has led you! Asian Americans represent! Could have not asked for a better or more kickass rep – Krystal, Boston

Hi! We didn’t have the chance to meet you in person, but to us you seem to be a very nice person. We admire you because of your amazing skills in the area of martial arts or because you’re a fabulous actress, but also for your concern and fights for animal rights. You are a great example, thank you for inspiring us. We wish you a beautiful birthday and all your dreams come true – Tery & Katy, Czech Republic

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE..!!! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and fun, in company of all your beloved ones and your babies. You’re such a great inspiration for all your fans! you deserve the BEST today and always!! Mucho love – Xanti, Mexico