1.01 – Pilot

Episode Title: Pilot
Episode Aired: September 9th 2010
Episode Number: 1
U.S Viewing Figures: 3.57m
Directed by: Danny Cannon
Written by: Craig Silverstein


Nikita, an assassin and former agent of Division, resurfaces after spending three years in hiding. Now, she is seeking revenge, stopping at nothing to shut down and expose the operation of Division; a secret U.S. agency, the director of Division and her former boss; Percy, and her former friends at Division. As a troubled teen, Nikita was rescued from death row by Division and was recruited to be trained as an assassin and spy. Nikita was betrayed by the agency, who double crossed her by killing the man she fell in love with – Daniel Monroe. Nikita now wishes to put a stop to the organization, and begins by interfering with an operation Division has been tasked with; “Black Arrow” – to assassinate an African diplomat before he arrives at the United Nations. Knowing this, Nikita arrives at the hotel the diplomat is staying in to save him and escape before Division agents could perform the hit. After dropping him off outside the UN building, she confronts Percy and Michael, declaring war on Division. Michael chases her, but, due to lingering emotional attachments between them, she is able to wound him and escape. Meanwhile, the agency continues to recruit and train new members, bringing in young people, erasing their pasts, and turning them into cold and efficient killers – one is a troubled teenage girl named Alex who is arrested for armed robbery. Division fakes her death and Michael recruits her and she begins her training. In the end, it is revealed that Alex is working for Nikita and sends her secret messages to aid her in stopping Division.

Memorable Quotes

Nikita: My name is Nikita. Six years ago, I was taken out of prison and forced by a covert unit of the government to be an assassin. Three years ago I escaped, and have been hunted ever since. I was the first recruit to get out. I’m going to make certain I’m not the last.

Nikita: Don’t call me ‘Nikki’.
Birkhoff: Well, don’t call me ‘Nerd’.

Nikita: I was the first recruit to get out, and I’m going to make certain I’m not the last.

Nikita: They told me I killed a cop. I don’t remember…I’ve tried to. I’d just turned eighteen, so they were able to charge me with murder one. I was sentenced to die by lethal injection.
Gary: No frickin’ way.

Nikita: Everything to make me the best killer I could be… till I broke one of their rules.
Gary: What rule?
Nikita: I fell in love. With a civilian. His name was Daniel. After 3 months together, all I wanted to do was be with him. Live a normal life but Division couldn’t have that, so they killed him and made it look like an accident.

Nikita: Promise me something.
Daniel: Right now, anything.
Nikita: Promise me it’s not a dream… I’m going to wake up from tomorrow.
Birkhoff: Niki, you’re insane.
Nikita: Don’t call me Niki.
Birkhoff: Then don’t call me nerd. Remember you used to call me that? “Patch me through to Michael, nerd. This computer’s busted, fix it, nerd. Place ain’t the same without you.”

Nikita: I thought I heard my name.
Percy: How did you get in here?
Nikita: Front door. Like you.

Nikita: I want you to know I can get to you, and hit you where it hurts the most.
Percy: My feelings?
Nikita: Your funding.

Michael: I can’t protect you anymore.
Nikita: Then let me go. Or stop me now.

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