1.02 – 2.0

Episode Title: 2.0
Episode Aired: September 16th 2010
Episode Number: 2
U.S Viewing Figures: 3.19m
Directed by: Danny Cannon
Written by: David Levinson & Craig Silverstein


Division’s latest assignment, directly from Percy in the face of impending budget cuts that may force him to cancel recruits, is to arrange the release, protective custody, conversion and restoration-to-power of Mirko Dadich, a Serbian leader who was exiled from his country for war crimes and arrested during his stay in America, all agreed in exchange for a supply of uranium he possesses. Alex is activated earlier than expected for a special assignment that puts her directly in the line of fire – to “entertain” Dadich. Nikita tracks down their whereabouts and, as she attempts to take out Dadich, he is kidnapped by a group of mercenaries headed by the daughter of the lead scientist responsible for Dadich’s nuclear programme, and want the uranium for themselves, and Nikita fails to thwart their plans. Both Nikita and Division discover their location in a New York Subway station in order to get the GPS device to locate the uranium. During the firefight between Division and the mercenaries, Nikita steals the GPS device and destroys it. No longer useful, Michael kills Dadich. A flashback from a year previously reveals a crucial turning point in Nikita’s life – Nikita meeting Alex, when she saved Alex from drug dealers and helps her through detox before training her.

Memorable Quotes

Nikita: I know who killed your parents. Trust me; you have something to live for.

Nikita: [to Alex] I can only promise you one thing… It’s going to get worse before it gets better

Ronnie: Who the hell are you?
Nikita: Fairy godmother!

Nikita: [to Alex] Your stomach is cramping, you feel like your head’s gonna fall off. Believe me, I know.

Nikita: The last word they will breathe before the end, is my name.

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