1.05 – The Guardian

Episode Title: Rough Trade
Episode Aired: October 7th 2010
Viewing Figures: 2.90m
Directed by: David Solomon
Written by: Albert Kim

Owen Elliot, an off-the-books Division agent and an operative assigned as the Guardian of one of Percy’s “black boxes” – containing information about Division’s past crimes, escapes after foiling a bank robbery in Montreal and, now a known fugitive to local authorities, contacts Percy. Percy abruptly leaves Michael in command and decides to search alone for Owen. However, Percy, knowing Division’s security is in jeopardy, intends to kill Owen and obtain the black box himself. Nikita gets word of the hunt for Owen, and joins the search, meeting Emily, Owen’s girlfriend, which eventually leads her to finding Owen. However, Emily is killed by Division snipers, and Owen is caught attempting to avenge her death. Meanwhile, Michael, suspicious of Percy’s motives, and with Birkhoff’s reluctant assistance, investigates Owen, at the same time Alex sneaks into Percy’s office to give information on Owen to Nikita. Thom catches Alex, though she makes a convincing cover story. With Owen in custody, Nikita uses the information given to her by Alex to make Percy believe Nikita has the black box, and offers to trade it for Owen. Nikita, during the call to Percy agreeing to the exchange, traces their location to a freighter, and assaults the ship, finding and freeing Owen. A stand-off between Percy, Owen, and Nikita occurs, with Owen now trying to kill Percy in revenge for Emily, but is talked out of it by Nikita, and the two escape over the side of the freighter in a hail of gunfire from Percy; which wounds Owen. In the end, Nikita takes Owen as an ally, and treats his gunshot while he is unconscious. Alex thanks Thom for covering for her, and he kisses her, though she pulls away.