1.07 – The Recruit

Episode Title: The Recruit
Episode Aired: October 28th 2010
Viewing Figures: 2.48m
Directed by: Eagle Egilsson
Written by: Amanda Segel

Alex alerts Nikita that Division has activated its lowest-ranking recruit, Sara, to be sent out into the field. Nikita realises that Division has set up Sara to be executed on a suicide mission, and decides to prevent it. The mission is for Sara to infiltrate a suspected eco-terrorist group, but is unknowingly implanted with a bomb. Michael, meanwhile, is still struggling with Nikita’s apparent death. Nikita, revealing her survival to a shocked Percy and relieved Michael, sabotages the operation and intercepts Sara, and convinces Sara that Division wanted her dead, and plans to set up a new identity for her. Michael is able to track down and attack the two, and gunfire is exchanged. Meanwhile, another recruit, Robbie, “graduates” to a guard rather than a field agent he’d hope to be. When Michael and a team surround Nikita and Sara, Michael is ordered to return and let the two escape following a “Code Black”; Robbie, angered at not being an agent, snaps and attacks and kills several guards, leading to mass chaos, before Alex stops him. In the end, though Robbie is declared dead, it is revealed Division is keeping him alive to use him as a “cleaner”.