‘Priest’ Blu-Ray Captures

Written by Alexa on August 23 2011

I’ve added HD screen captures of Maggie’s role in Priest to the gallery. The film itself wasn’t one of my favorites but it was nonetheless enjoyable and Maggie gave a strong performance as Priestess. Enjoy the captures!

New ‘Priest’ Interview

Written by Alexa on May 10 2011

Maggie introduces ‘Priest’ Animated Prologue

Written by Alexa on May 05 2011

Movie Productions > Priest (2011) > Animated Prologue

Collider.com Interview

Written by Alexa on May 04 2011

Maggie on Regis & Kelly

Written by Alexa on May 04 2011

Check out this wonderful video of Maggie’s appearance on Regis and Kelly this morning, I am in love with her new hair color! The quality isn’t the greatest but full credit to the uploader. Hopefully we’ll have some captures for you when a HD version becomes available. Enjoy!

Fearnet ‘Priest’ Interview

Written by Alexa on May 04 2011

In the world of Scott Stewart’s Priest, it is not just the men who are holy. In the post-apocalyptic world of beasts and vampires, based on the graphic novel by Min-Woo Hyung, Priestess kicks just as much ass as Priest. We chatted with professional ass-kicker Maggie Q about vampires and who would win in a fight between Priestess and Nikita.

Can you tell us about your character?

I am the only female priest in the film, but you do see others in a flashback. That is the look – all the priests have that look, with that brand on their foreheads, and no names. They’re soldiers. They’ve sacrificed a lot. People always ask me how there are female priests. In this world, they are. [Director] Scott Stewart says it is really an alternate world. It’s not this world’s church.

Who would win in a fight between your Priestess character and Nikita?

Well, the priests have been given “heightened abilities.” Touched by the hand of god. They’re not superheroes. Priestess has a gift. Nikita has had to earn her gifts.

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New ‘Priest’ Interview

Written by Alexa on May 02 2011

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