Maggie to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Written by Alexa on November 21 2011

Great news Maggie fans! Maggie will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 1st to promote Nikita. Be sure to mark your calender, set your DVR to ensure that you won’t miss it. You can of course expect to find full coverage of the appearance after the airing.

Thursday 12/1: Jimmy Kimmel Live – Terry Bradshaw, Maggie Q, the Civil Wars (ABC at 12/11c)

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Maggie Q Talks Strained Relationships & Sexy Additions

Written by Alexa on October 01 2011

Maggie Q, star of the CW action thriller, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently about the second season, which continues Friday with the second episode. Speaking to Michael (Shane West) and Nikita’s newly established domestic situation, the actress revealed that things aren’t going to be simple for the couple as they go about living (and working) with Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford).

“We’ve had a whole set of new problems for them this year. They’ve escaped one thing, but they be diving into another,” she says. “There’s going to be a lot of adult problems that affect them this year.”

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith aspect to the pair’s relationship will also be explored. “I think that partnership will be fun for people to see,” she says. “Nikita’s been so alone for so long that it’s nice to do it with someone.”

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Nikita Season Two Premiere: 8 Must-See Moments

Written by Alexa on September 23 2011

Having gone on a bit of a Nikita scoopfest in recent weeks, TVLine has decided to keep things simple in this Season 2 preview: Just a few fun facts and must-see moments from Friday’s premiere (8/7c, The CW).

Some are silly (Michael’s new ‘do) and some game-changing (an extremely unfortunate shootout), but if it’s a scene you shouldn’t miss, you can bet it’s included on our rundown.

Mikita Meltdown – There’s a breakup in the first five minutes — gasp! — but don’t fret. It’s possible it’s all just a ruse while Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) are on an undercover mission…

Alex’s New Frenemy – Oversight’s new agent Sean Pierce (played by Dillon Casey) makes a terrible first impression on, well, everyone. Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Amanda (Melinda Clarke) are particularly peeved by the “rules man,” who makes it clear that he’s only around to reclaim the black boxes from Nikita by any means necessary. It’s hard to like the newbie at first, but Casey’s rugged good looks do help. Plus, his introductory scene allows the audience to see just how self-sufficient Alex has become.

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The Complete ‘Nikita’ Season Two Report

Written by Alexa on September 22 2011

Nikita moves to Friday nights on The CW this fall, but that’s not the only change in store for Season 2.

Although shippers will find that “Mikita” is the new reality going into the second season, romance is the last thing on Alex’s mind. Over at Division, everything is settling into a new order after last season’s upheaval: the always stylish Amanda is in charge, Percy is a little lonely, and Birkhoff has relocated.

Fall Preview: Get scoop on your favorite returning shows

“I saw the second season as a paradigm shift,” showrunner Craig Silverstein told reporters Monday. “Every character has shifted almost musical chairs-style to a different position of power or lack thereof. It’s a little spy Game of Thrones-type thing. … There are a lot more characters now, so there are a lot more people to kill.”

Maggie Q, who plays Nikita, added, “One of the themes this season is, ‘Can your loved ones be your weakest link? Will they at the end of the day be the thing that doesn’t allow you to reach your goals and it actually hurts you?’ … These characters [are] looking for their home, trying to find their home again, or a semblance of a home. Some of them have had one and want to get back to it, some of them never had, like Nikita.”

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