Gallery Update: ‘Nikita’ Season 4 Screencaptures, MET Gala, and more

Written by Jasper on June 26 2014

I’ve finally finished working on the Nikita Season 4 screencaps! I’ve added a total of 2,967 caps to the gallery. There are a few caps that are a bit blurry because I still tried to cap those scenes where there were some action or stunts going on. I also included some from the flashbacks (the ones from episodes in a previous season) featured in some of the episodes.

Additionally, I’ve uploaded the photos of Maggie at the MET Gala 2014 last month. Sorry, it took a while, I was quite busy when those pictures came out. I’ve also updated the ones from Supermensch event with higher-quality versions, and added two stills from Divergent that were missing from the gallery. That’s about it, enjoy! :)

Nikita 3.22 ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Screencaptures

Written by Jasper on April 22 2014

I’ve started working on the Nikita episode screencaps that aren’t in the gallery yet, and I’ve added 508 high-quality caps from the Season 3 finale to the gallery. I’ll be working on Season 4 caps soon.

Gallery Update: ‘Nikita’ Episode Stills

Written by Jasper on February 20 2014

I’ve updated the gallery with the missing episode stills of Maggie in Nikita from Seasons 1 to 3. I also added several behind-the-scenes photos (Season 1 & 2) and one set of promotional material for Season 2. Huge thanks to the guys at! Enjoy!

Nikita 4.05 & 4.06 Episode Stills

Written by Sammy on December 22 2013

I have added HQ episode stills to the gallery for the final two episodes to the gallery – so make sure to check them out.

Nikita 4.03 ‘Set Up’ Stills

Written by Sammy on November 19 2013

I have added 10 High Quality stills of Maggie in Nikita 4×03 to the gallery – make sure to check them out.

NIKITA Scoop: Star Maggie Q Dishes On Being the Most Wanted Woman in The World!

Written by Sammy on November 18 2013

Season 3’s cliffhanger ending was a bit terrifying as Nikita was implicated in the assassination of the President – a plot that could have only been cooked up by the nefarious Amanda (Melinda Clarke) – making Nikita enemy number one, and the most wanted woman in the world.

So  Season 4 opens with Nikita on the run, fighting for her life and fighting to clear her name – not to mention the names of those she cares about.  In attempt to cut ties and keep Michael and everyone at Division in the clear, Nikita also left behind her engagement ring as a definitive sign that she was on her own.  It was a bitter moment both for her and for Michael when he found it.  This means emotions will be riding high on a personal note for both as the show returns.

In a press interview from the set, star Maggie Q teased a bit about what Nikita is thinking and what this final season of NIKITA has in store for the solitary spy.

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‘Nikita’ 4.01 and 4.02 Episode Stills

Written by Sammy on November 12 2013

High Quality episode stills for Nikita 4×01 and 4×02 have now been added to the gallery.  The final season of Nikita begins November 22nd on the CW.

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