Indefinite Hiatus

Written by Jasper on May 30 2023

Hi everyone, I thought I’d post about it here too instead of mentioning it on the Twitter account only. I’ve been going back and forth about keeping this site or closing it, so I’m putting it on indefinite hiatus until I come to final decision. I will always be a big fan of Maggie, it’s just the whole maintenance process of the site — financial, time, and motivation — that’s the major factor playing here. I’m also taking this opportunity to thank everyone for visiting and supporting the site all these years, it truly means a lot.

‘Stalker’ & ‘Designated Survivor’ Gallery Update

Written by Jasper on September 21 2016

I have updated the gallery with screencaps from the last three episodes of Stalker, along with behind-the-scenes photos and episode stills from the first two episodes of Designated Survivor. Also, I hope you all like the new look! I wanted to change it before her new show starts and I made it just in time. Don’t miss the premiere of Designated Survivor tonight, 10/9c on ABC!

Maggie Q Online has moved!

Written by Jasper on August 18 2015

Hi guys, I’m Jasper, I’m back to running this site. As I previously tweeted, our previous host unfortunately had to close. But I have moved the site a new host, a paid hosting. Sadly, I couldn’t keep our previous domain,, along. From now on, you can visit the site using If you have the site bookmarked, please update the URL and please help us spread the word! Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

Written by Jasper on May 22 2014


Happy Birthday, Maggie!! We wish you all the best. We’re very excited for Stalker! Hope you have a great day. We all love you!

New Layout!

Written by Jasper on February 13 2014

I made a new a layout for the site, using pictures from the Women’s Wear Daily photoshoot Maggie did back in 2011. I hope you all like it, and let me know if you spot any error.


New Owner!

Written by Jasper on February 09 2014

Hi everyone! I’m Jasper, and I’m the new owner of this site. Huge thanks to Sammy for trusting it with me! I’m a huge fan of Maggie and her recently-ended show, Nikita. I hope I can continue the amazing work the previous owners have done to this site. Also, there had been problems with the gallery for the past few days, but I managed to fix it, so it’s up and running again. If somehow you encounter problems with it again, you can tell me via the site’s Twitter. Thank you, and I hope you’ll continue visiting the site! :)

New Owner!

Written by Sammy on November 25 2013

So I wanted to wait to make this post until I had a new main site layout done, so I hope that you all like it!  I am Sammy, the new webmisstress for Maggie Q Online – Marcia did an amazing job and I hope to be able to keep providing you with all of the latest news and updates on Maggie.  So please remember to follow our site twitter and newly created tumblr (links in the topbar) to stay up to date.


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