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If you wish to contact us regarding the site, you can do so via email. We welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback you may have for us regarding the site and will do our very best to respond promptly and efficiently. In addition, if you would like to donate any form of content to the site (photos, lj icons etc) you can also do so at the above address. Donations are always highly appreciated and we will always credit any content that you share with us. Before sending your email, please take note of the requirements below. Thanks!

Please refrain from sending fanmail, hatemail or immature comments that are not constructive in any way. If you wish to send fanmail to Maggie herself, you can find out about how to do so here.

Be patient with us. We will always try our very best to ensure that you receive a quick response but we of course have very busy personal lives and studies that we must also commit to. Please take this into account if you don’t receive an immediate response.

Please do not send affiliation applications via email. It can be quite confusing due to the number of emails we already receive so therefore we have set up an application form that will send directly to us.

Ensure that when sending donations, you make us aware of your first name so that we can credit you. In you prefer to use an online alias or screenname, this isn’t a problem but be sure to let us know in these circumstances.