2006 Maxim Interview

Maxim: You broke into showbiz fairly early. Are there any boys from school you still think about?
Maggie Q: In high school, there was a boy who went to school with me everyday. I will never forget him and we are still really close today. He is a very special person and means a lot to me. He makes me feel really special too. Back then, whenever I was around him, I felt like I was the only girl in the world and it felt really great.

Maxim: Were there many boys who wanted to date you back then?
Maggie Q: No. My looks have not changed much since then actually. However, back then, I wore braces and my body was less developed. I was also a little awkward.

Maxim: What was your first boyfriend like?
Maggie Q: He was a boy from Hawaii. A good looking surfer. We dated for a very long time. I am very fond of him. I still think of him frequently and every time I do, I feel good.

Maxim: What do you think are some mistakes men tend to make when they are being intimate?
Maggie Q: It would probably be that they try too hard to be manly. I guess they are just trying to improve their performance. I think that is actually quite unnecessary. They should just be natural.

Maxim: Is there anything about you that people don’t know about?
Maggie Q: I am a really good cook. I have cooked for almost everyone in my life. They have all had the chance to experience my cooking.

Maxim: What is one thing about you that people will be shocked to find out?
Maggie Q: I would rather have many dogs than a boyfriend.

Maxim: You have been really busy this past year. Do you have any plans to relax? Anyone you would like to go somewhere with?
Maggie Q: I don’t have any time to relax. I have been this busy for a long time. I really need a break but I’m going to have to wait until I have time. There are many places I would consider going to for some rest but they have to be sunny and have good weather. I would like to get a tan. Only after I have decided when I am going on a vacation would I choose someone to accompany me.

Maxim: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do?
Maggie Q: Continue doing exactly what I am doing now without any hesitation. I hope to live everyday without regrets.

Maxim: What is the worst thing you have done to someone else?
Maggie Q: Even if I were to tell you, I doubt you would include it in the article.

Maxim: Are men constantly being attracted to you? Have you ever been harassed by any such men before?
Maggie Q: There are indeed many men that are attracted to me but honestly, I don’t know what the majority of men think of me. As for being harassed, well as you know, different men treat the object of their affections differently.

Maxim: Have you ever received any weird mail from fans?
Maggie Q: I have received many of such strange letters but I have also gotten many letters that have surprised me pleasantly. I’m not going to elaborate on the weirdest piece of fan mail I have received as it won’t do anyone any good.

Transcript courtesy of Mengxin