Is of Vietnamese and Irish-American descent. Raised in Hawaii. Was a fashion model and television personality before she became a movie actress.

Is the youngest of five children.

Although she is actually Vietnamese-American (born and raised in Hawaii), Maggie pursued modeling careers first in Japan, then Taiwan, then Hong Kong. Her transition into acting was almost coincidental and since then she has become both a top model and actress in Hong Kong, along with garnering a certain amount of fame across Asia.

In a 2006 interview, confessed she is deaf in one ear as a result of an explosive stunt.

For her first several Hong Kong films, since Maggie could not actually speak Cantonese – she actually had to learn her lines phonetically. Some lines may also have been dubbed.

Mentioned in an interview that her favorite food is Vietnamese food, since that’s the food she grew up with at home.

Her mother is a property investor.

Was cast in Die Hard 4.0 without an audition.

Posed for renowned Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee for Kee’s 2006 charity photo-book “Super Stars”, dedicated to the victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster, which consists of photographs of 300 Asian celebrities by Kee.

Is a vegetarian.

Was responsible for the removal of all real fur from the wardrobe on the set of Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.

In 2008, she was named PETA Asia-Pacific’s “Person of the Year.”

She has three tattoos, one of a phoenix on her hip, which she has had to conceal for most of her roles except Nikita.

Lives in Los Angeles with her seven rescued dogs.